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Weekly Rewind – 7/2/11

The downside to the Weekly Rewind is that I forget half the things that happened during the week by Saturday. The other potential downside is information overload. Let me know if you think spreading some of these articles out over the course of the week would be better or if the weekly approach works for you. Here are my links and memories of interest for the week ending 7/2/11:

Is It Biblical To Choose A Job You Love? – This article may end up being one of the most influential of my life. I say that because I am prone to believe my own happiness can not coexist with God’s will at times. Odd I know. Check out the 1st paragraph:

It’s almost silly to even ask that question. It’s like asking “Is it biblical to chose a spouse that you actually want to be with?” Yes, of course it is. Why would you marry someone you don’t want to marry? Likewise, if you have the choice (and we do much more often than we realize), why would you chose a job you aren’t excited about?

Random Trivia: Apparently 1/4 of the world’s Bibles are printed in Nanjing, China.

Thoughts On The New Calamity: John Piper writes clearly about the recent gains in the pro-homosexual marriage efforts from a spiritual, not political perspective. Much like immigration, this requires a gospel response before a political response.

Cheer Up! You’re Worse Than You Think: For anyone who has been criticized, pastor or not, this is a good reminder that we are far worse than our criticizers even know.

How To Remember Names: If you find yourself forgetting names a lot check out this article  full of tips on how to avoid calling everyone “bro.”

The Enemy Next Door: Good article on how you view your unbelieving coworker, neighbor, etc. will go a long way in determining if or how you engage them:

“I truly believe, after many years of reflection, that the heart of the problem in these churches was in their attitude towards the unbeliever. The person next door was the enemy; he was a person to be feared for what he might do to the family, and the children in particular; he was someone to be regarded with distrust and suspicion rather than with love and sympathy.”
As always, your comments are welcome and encouraged. In parting on this holiday weekend I’ll leave you with the tweet of @RaeWhitlock: “Dear preachers – 2 Chronicles 7:14 is not about America. Sorry if I just ruined your July 4 sermons.”

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