Driscoll: Point & Counterpoint

If you’re hearing about some new Driscoll controversy and wondering what is going on here are 2 links to help you:

1) Mark Driscoll Is A Bully – Gives an overview of what prompted this current controversy (FB posting) as well as articles on past controversies. Contact information for Mars Hill is also provided so that you can make it known that you too think Mark Driscoll is a bully.

2) Defending Driscoll (Not That He Needs It) – A measured response to the current controversy.

For the record, I don’t think it was wise for Driscoll to post what he did. If you’re going to make waves at least make waves for something you can back up scripturally. Making fun of effeminate worship leaders probably doesn’t fit that category.

But, I also don’t think he’s a bully for saying something he probably shouldn’t have on a social networking site even if it offended quite a few people. If that’s the definition of someone being a bully, Driscoll needs to be one of about a billion people you need to set your sights on. I’m not defending or excusing what he said, but if you don’t like the guy, avoid reading what he writes and listening to what he says instead of waiting to devour every suspect comment that he utters.

What I take away from this is: Driscoll needs to be wise in what he says. So do I. So do you.



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