Weekly Rewind – 7/9/11

I am very excited about this week’s line up of articles. I found them all to be encouraging, convicting, or thought provoking and hope you will as well. Here are my links and memories of interest for the week ending 7/9/11:

Christ Is The Point – Our response to Christ is not the main thing. To elevate our response leads us down a path where we have a man-centered Gospel as opposed to a Christ-centered Gospel.

Faith is recognizing the reality of our situation and the deeper reality of our Savior. Faith is the drowning man grasping the outstretched arm of his rescuer. Faith includes a response, but our response is not the main thing. Christ is.

Failure Is Not An Option: I linked to the article from The Atlantic a few weeks back regarding children and “the cult 0f self-esteem.” This is an excellent take on that article from a Christian perspective.

If you don’t teach them that Christians sometimes fail, then they’ll conclude Christianity has failed. But by the grace of God they’ll add to the numbers of bitter adults who grew up in the church and rail against its destructive influence. Yet when they see us fail, repent, and ask God’s forgiveness, they’ll see in action the most glorious truth of all, that God himself took on flesh and walked among us, failures all, so we might walk with him in heaven forevermore. They’ll know that when they fail, too, God’s grace abounds to even the chief of sinners.

10 Pitfalls When Plugging Into A Church: Great tips on how to avoid pitfalls when plugging into a church from a church planter in Raleigh, NC. I’ve had the opportunity to dialogue with him a few times and recommend you check out Fellowship Raleigh if you are looking for a church home in that area.

The Subjective Power Of An Objective Gospel: Great article on looking at the objective Gospel as the only thing we have to offer.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ (1 Cor 15:3-4is good news, however, and good news for people with real problems. And it does tangibly address the subjective realities of suffering people – thank God – which is where most of us actually live. But it is helpful because it is true, not the other way around. One comes before the other. The Gospel is an objective word that has subjective power.

Is The Life You’re Living Worth The Price You’re Paying To Live It?: The question alone is powerful and worth considering even without reading the article from our good friends at Harvard Business Review. There are also some helpful tips on how to calm down during the day to make sure you’re at your cognitive best.

Personal Notes:

1) If you’re on Google+, look me up if you haven’t already. The circle idea is genius.

2) Check out Rdio. There’s a free 7-day trial.

3) As of yesterday, my Bible reading plan has taken me into the Psalms so I’m excited to camp out in that book for a while. What’s your favorite Psalm?

As always, questions and comments are welcome.


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