Wednesday Wondering: Baptism Age

Our church just celebrated the 4th of July like we do every year by hosting a baptism ceremony in the river here. It’s actually a great time of church fellowship complete with a cookout and the local firework celebration. The only downside is the river leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to firm footing.

Like most churches we meet with all of our baptism candidates beforehand to make sure they understand what baptism is, and more importantly what it isn’t. The question I want to throw out to you is: Do you think there should be an age requirement for baptism? Let me clarify that I’m not even getting into the world of paedobaptism. I’m talking about believers’ baptism. Here are my conflicting thoughts:

1) Jesus encourages the children to come to Him. He praises having faith like a child.

2) I meet with many adults who want to be baptized again or at least consider it because they were baptized as children and aren’t sure that their faith was real at the time.

Where do you fall on this? Is your bigger fear a) keeping someone from being baptized or b) baptizing someone potentially too early? If you chose option B, what age is old enough?


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