Google+ – 1st Thoughts

Thanks to a friend I was able to grab a coveted Google+ invite before they apparently shut down the invitations. I jumped right into it this morning, and these are my very initial thoughts.

First, for those who are out of the loop Google+ is basically Google’s most recent attempt at getting into the social networking game. Buzz, has not panned out so well, but this seems like it may be a formidable entrant to the social networking scene. Do I believe there’s going to be a mass exodus from Facebook? No. Will it appeal to people who don’t like Facebook? Yes. Will it appeal to people who like Facebook? Maybe, but I’m not sure.

Main Thought:

Google+ actually mimics real life unlike Facebook. Facebook makes everyone on equal footing from the Best Man at your wedding to the person you met once at a party. They’re all friends. Google+ allows you to create circles and then share accordingly. So, for example I have a family circle, a friends circle, and an acquaintances circle. If I want to share something with just family Google+ allows me to do that. If I want everyone in all my circles to know something I can do that as well. This is called the way we communicate in real life. This makes Google+ attractive.

Secondary Thoughts:

1) On a scale of 1-10 of user friendliness I give it a 6. It’s not the most intuitive thing I’ve ever used, but it’s not the worst either. It takes a little time to get up to speed, and I’m not there yet.

2) Google knows a lot about us already. When I signed in for the 1st time it had already pre-populated my info with information I didn’t know they had.

If you have had a chance to use it, what do you think of it? Like it? Would it replace Facebook for you? Comment below.


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