People I Don’t Understand #2

Our 2nd entrant into the PIDU series is…Person who doesn’t know how to cross the street and crosses with their hand extended. That was a long title. You know who I’m talking about though.

You’re sitting at the red light. The light turns green. At this point a person or family decides now is the ideal time to walk in front of traffic. And to add a degree of safety they extend their hand to stop your 5.4L V-8, 6000 lb F-150 (Hypothetically speaking of course).

My problem with this is two-fold. 1) Learn to obey the traffic signal. It’s your friend. It’s there to protect you. Once you’ve learned good judgment you can choose to disobey it if there aren’t any cars within 2 miles of your location. 2) Your hand signal is worthless. Either the person you’re annoying at the light will run over you, at which point your hand extended won’t matter (See exception for Smart Cars) or they’re smart enough to see your dumb self in the road and will wait for you to slowly walk across the street. Apparently extending the hand is a deterrent to walking quickly.

My goal is not to deal with individuals in these posts, but in generalities. However, each of these has an inspiration and tonight’s was special because of the shirt she was wearing while engaging in above behavior.











So true. How about you? Ever had someone make you wait while they sauntered across the crosswalk?


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