New Series: People I Don’t Understand

The Daily Digest will soon convert to more of a weekly digest so that I can free up some time every day and so that I can concentrate on more original content. Part of that original content is a new series titled “People I Don’t Understand.” It’s pretty self-explanatory and will make an appearance whenever I encounter someone I don’t understand.

The inaugural entry goes to…..Waiter/Waitress who doesn’t write down your order! Congratulations!

This has been a recurring mystery to me highlighted by a restaurant experience this weekend. Here’s the set up: 5 adults ordering lunch. All lunches have multiple options (i.e. fries/onion rings, type of salad dressings, medium/medium well). If you took math and remember your factorials you know we’re getting into a large number of possible orders. But, our waitress decided she’s got this. She laughs in the face of a 5 person table. After she left my 1st comment was something along these lines: “I’m a lot more sympathetic to the waiter/waitress who writes down the order even if they bring out something wrong.”

Sure enough food starts coming out, and it starts coming out wrong. And it didn’t even make sense. Who orders a sweet potato as a side to a chicken salad sandwich?

So here’s why I don’t understand you waiter/waitress who doesn’t wring anything down:

There’s no point. You have failed to understand the risk/reward ratio. You are taking on additional risk for 0 additional reward. You don’t get paid any more for not writing stuff down. I go to a restaurant to eat, not to see what great memories their employees have.

Who’s with me on this? Are there former waiters/waitresses that can shed some light on this for me? Is there a pool among the employees that makes it worth the risk? Join the conversation by commenting below.



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