6/14 – Daily Digest

Today’s digest is coming early, which is hopefully going to be the new normal. Consider it a mid-day treat for those of you in the Eastern or Central time zones. Today we’ll look at the the role of effort in sanctification, the dangers of 4 year olds on Jesus’s lap, why accountability groups may be bad, and Oreos! I’ll also throw in a helpful article on Weiner, redemption, and the exclusivity of the Gospel.

Gospel Driven Effort – A good article looking at the role of effort in our sanctification and why it matters.

These issues matter because, on the one hand, some Christians are beating themselves up to be more like Jesus when they first need to realize that in Christ they’ve already died to sin and been raised with Christ. And on the other hand, some Christians are stalled out in their sanctification for plain lack of effort. They are lazy and need to be told so.

Is God’s Word Sufficient? – This article looks at the popularity of the book, Heaven Is For Real, and the potential bad message it sends.

What bothers me about the reception of Heaven is a Real Place [sic] is what it says about the relatively low view of the sufficiency of Scripture among evangelicals today. In other words, it’s not good enough for us to hear about heaven from the holy apostles, Church Fathers, and trusted commentaries on Scripture. No, we need a little boy sitting on Jesus’ lap to tell us that instead. Then we will believe it.  And that phenomenon ultimately bodes ill for everyone who really does love the Bible: pastors, teachers, parents, and yes, even children.

The Dangers of Accountability Groups – If you’ve felt like accountability was about “do more” and “try harder” this is for you.

When the goal becomes conquering our sin instead of soaking in the conquest of our Savior, we actually begin to shrink spiritually.

Who Invented the Oreo? – Yes, there are conspiracy theories involved.

Therapy, Redemption, Gospel Exclusivity, and Twitter – Good article on the limitations of therapy in dealing with sin and the backlash that comes from proposing redemption as the answer.

There is no shortage of perplexing realities in our world today, but counted among them must be the fact that many rather well informed people seem to be shocked that Christians believe the doctrines of Christianity.

…the American impulse is to seek treatment when our real need is for redemption.


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