MBA in Sin Management

I’m wrapping up the book of 2 Chronicles today in my Bible reading plan, and the story of Josiah really gripped me. Chapter 34 (also found in 2 Kings 22-23) details how Josiah is getting the Temple back in order, and in the midst of the repairs, the Book of the Law* is found. The people now had in front of them a written account of the way they should be living. When King Josiah hears that account read aloud he tears his clothes and weeps because he knows the way they’ve been living doesn’t match up with those words.

The man was impacted. Most of us don’t tear our clothes to show despair, but we definitely know the emotional difference between despair and an inconvenience. How do you view sin? Does it cause you despair? When you come across Biblical truth that illuminates a sin in your life does it cause you to be emotionally impacted at your core? Not me. I can’t say that I react like Josiah. I kind of view myself on a journey that’s best characterized by the phrase, “I’m working on it.” There’s no despair. Often it’s more annoyance. It’s coexistence.

This desperation, however, is necessary to rightly view God’s holiness and to humbly receive God’s grace. A low view of my sin results in a low view of God’s grace. A high view of my sin results in a high view of God’s grace. If I view my sin as worthy of despair, then I’ll view my Savior from that sin as worthy of worship.

God help me to see the depth of my sin so that I can see the depth of Your grace.



* Depending on who you ask, the Book of the Law either refers to Deuteronomy or to the entire Pentateuch


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