6/8/11 Daily Digest

Today’s digest has one and only one article. Why? Because this article is a little long, but worth reading for anyone who has ever thought my day stinks because I didn’t have my quiet time. (Hand raised)

The Quiet Time Performance: Tim Challies takes a look at how we often lose sight of grace in the midst of our quiet times.

Perhaps you, like me, have too often turned quiet time into a performance. If you perform well for God, you enter your day filled with confidence that God will bless you, and that He will have to bless you. You feel that your performance has earned you the right to have a day filled with His presence, filled with blessings, and filled with confidence. And, of course, when you turn in a poor performance, you feel that God is in heaven booing you and heaving proverbial rotten vegetables in the form of removing His presence and, in the words of a friend, “dishing out bummers.”

Thoughts? Questions? I’d love to hear from you! Feel free to comment below.


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