6/7/11 Digest – Mistake Or Sin?, 3 Key Letters, and Apple’s Superiority

Today’s digest is full of goodness from Michael Hyatt, Jon Acuff, and The Atlantic.

Mistake or Sin? What’s the Difference? – Especially in light of Congressman Weiner’s press conference yesterday where he characterized his actions as a “terrible mistake” let’s look at what is a mistake and what is sin.

“Many people assume they are synonymous. They are not.”

3 Key Letters In Communication – For anyone that communicates either in written or verbal form, this is applicable to you. I know I fail daily by not observing this key rule. Read about “a three letter word that has the power to radically improve every blog and tweet you ever write.”

Why GM Couldn’t Be Apple – For all you business types, an interesting read on the dangers of data-driven cost optimization at the expense of customer satisfaction.

Unfortunately, American businesses have become obsessed with the kind of narrow, data-driven analysis that consultants and MBA-toting quants can do. And those guys want to hear hard numbers. They want the cars to have good stats. That would have been like counting the megapixels or processor speed on the original iPhone, which would have missed the whole point. It’s the “If you can measure it, you can manage it,” ideology gone wild.


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