6/6/11 Digest – Anthony Weiner, Volcanoes, and Football

Today’s digest has something for everyone – politics, photos (thankfully not of Anthony Weiner), and phootball.

Are You Smarter Than Anthony Weiner? – Russell Moore writes that the answer may surprise you. Take solace though in knowing that your name is still probably less embarrassing.

“The most dangerous thing we can do is to assume that these famous people are somehow crazy. They don’t lack intelligence or skill or foresight. They would have never attained the positions they have if they did. Something else is going on here.”

Can You Imagine Football Without Kickoffs? – This coach can, and he has a good reason.

“It is amazing how much people perceive the kickoff as the most exciting play in the sport, when in reality, it’s simply not true. Most kickoffs are routine, a player running into a moving wall of flesh and helmets long before he can ignite the crowd.

Everyone, however, agrees kickoffs are the most dangerous play in the sport.”

Amazing Photos Of Chile’s Puyehue Volcano – Add volcano lightning to your “list of things to see in person before you die” list.


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