6/3/11 Digest – It’s All About The Church

Today’s digest looks at several articles about churches today: the battle of being in the world, but not of it.

Are We Instituting Missional Narcissism? – If you want to sound smart just ask your church friends that question. It’s the question World Magazine asks, and it’s a good one even if you have to read the article to find out what it means like I did.

“What makes Christianity different is Jesus, not the uniqueness of any local church, so boasting about your group’s special awesomeness is simply inconsistent with the historic spread of Christianity around the world and is unnecessary.”

H/T: Chuck Moore

Does Your Church Resemble McDonald’s? – “Church, he concluded, has always been about the gathering of the called out ones, not the gathering of potential customers, who leaders hoped would have a great consumer experience.”

NYC Churches Kicked Out – “A federal appeals court has ruled that New York City can ban churches from using public school facilities for Sunday worship services and does not violate free speech.”


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