5/31 Digest – Information Overload & Individual vs. Organizational Effectiveness

I read quite a few articles a day both for ministry as well as for personal informing or enrichment. Some articles are better than others, either in their practicality or in their thought provoking-ness. My goal is to pass these along when I see them so that I can get your thoughts on these articles as well. 

Disclaimer: Just because I post something doesn’t mean I necessarily agree with the conclusion the author makes. It may be that I disagree, but find their argument to be interesting enough to warrant showcasing and discussing. 

Data Overload: From the Workplace to Home – As Google’s Eric Schmidt has been quoted, from the beginning of time to 2003, we created 5 Exabytes of data. We’re now creating that every two days–and it’s accelerating. 

Organizational Effectiveness vs. Personal Effectiveness: Which one should win? – Interesting thoughs on church productivity. Are we primarily seeking to be individually effective or organizationally effective? 



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