Scripture Memory – Free Resource

Scripture memory has always been an area that I have struggled with throughout my Christian life. I've had the desire to memorize scripture but either lacked the discipline or the structure to pull it off. 

Saturday, I was introduced to this resource by Desiring God. At the bottom there is a link to a PDF file on how to memorize long passages of scripture (i.e. whole books of the Bible). Before I had the chance to back out of doing this, 2 of my friends made mention of this same resource on Sunday. I'll take this to be extra confirmation that I need to man up and give this a go. 

I have elected to start with Philippians because it is relatively short, yet packed with great verses. My goal is to have Philippians memorized by August 20, 2011. Feel free to check in with me to see how that is going. 

If you are a scripture memory master, what works for you? How have you seen it bear fruit in your life? 


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2 responses to “Scripture Memory – Free Resource

  1. M. Moore the Great

    I just keep the entire Bible and all translations with me at all times to avoid this discipline. So far. So good.You’re welcome.

  2. Todd Singletary

    You were just scarred by Holsteen. Let the healing begin.

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