Alabama Charm


I had the privilege of performing my 1st ever wedding ceremony last weekend in Fort Payne, AL. I enjoyed being a very small part of Rachel and Jeremy’s day and only made one critical error (as far as I know). In my haste to dismiss everyone to the reception I completely forgot to wait for the groomsmen to come back down and escort the mothers and the grandmother out. That’s what I get for not having that written down in my program. Thankfully everyone affected (It just took me longer to research the use of “affect” vs. “effect” than it did to write the rest of this post.) was incredibly gracious and didn’t stone me for my error. 

When it was all said and done, I was glad to be in Alabama and in wedding venues that displayed the handiwork of a taxidermist. For photos of the actual decorations, ceremony, etc. check out Rachel Reagan Monroe’s facebook page. 

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