Chinese People: Awesome

Probably the only thing greater than Chinese journalism are the real (sometimes) people behind the stories.  China is very near and dear to my heart so realize that I’m not bashing here.  I’m simply inviting you into a world that delays flights due to the “cool weather conditions.”

2 pics and stories from this week:

1. From the online edition of the China Daily in which the caption read: “Woman trembles in cold under scorching sun”

I’m not sure if she’s trembling or not, but it does highlight the rather ridiculous affinity for an overabundance of winter clothes at any time of the year.

2. From random Chinese twitter user:

Now the photo is hilarious by itself.  BUT this random twitter user tried to say this was an action shot captured from a factory explosion in Nanjing last month.  If you thought that, this would be awe inspiring and incredibly bizarre.  Why would there be a dog and a monkey at the plastics factory?  Were they on a smoke break together when this happened?  The monkey looks legitimately panicked and in his “fight or flight” response.

Problem is this photo is from at least 4 years ago.  But other people didn’t know that.  Hence random Chinese commenters are stating how many tears they’ve shed because of this monkey’s heroic service.  Hoaxes can be sad.  Even though this story isn’t true, the true story has got to be incredible.

Comment on your best guess for why a monkey would be carrying a dog in a panic.


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