What are we asking for? vs. What is God offering?

Today’s thoughts come out of Acts 3:1-10.  I was reading about the crippled man who asked Peter and John for some money.  Peter basically says, “Oooohhh.  Sorry man.  I’m out of change.  BUT in the name of Jesus why don’t you just go ahead and do something you’ve never done in your life and walk.”  My guess is that guy didn’t ask for a single cent the rest of his life.

What he was asking for paled in comparison to what God gave him.  He was asking for some money to get by.  God gave him a whole new life.  My prayers and my desires seem to be like this guy’s begging.  I want to get by and beg other people to help me.  All along the powerful name of Jesus is offering a whole new life apart from the status quo.


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