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“The God Switcheroo”

I don’t know who else is like me in this, but sometime my theology seems to be all jacked up.  Case in point is what I’ll call the “God Switcheroo.”  This is bad theological lie that I buy into #27.

It goes something like this:

Me: I want to trust God more.  I’ll pray for a greater faith and reliance on Him.  BUT before I get to praying that my thoughts are overwhelmed with thoughts that God is saying, “Ha.  I’ve got him now.  I’ll get that reliance out of him by having him lose his legs in a tragic treadmill accident.”  Or something to that effect.

How jacked up is that?  And it happens often.

But I was struck today when reading Luke 11:11-13 which basically says if you human dads know not to give your kid a snake when he asks for a fish don’t you think God knows how to give good gifts to his children.

I hate snakes.  They scare me senseless so I identify with this.

It’s like I fear God will give me the thing I’m scared of the most when all He wants to do is provide for me.

If you’re like me in this regard, and I hope you’re not, be confident in God’s goodness in your prayer life.  Pray boldly believing the best in God to not only be sovereign, but to be good.


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Hitting the Wrong Target

I was doing some thinking in light of an assignment about ministry vision, etc.  All those words that seem important in seminary and usually fall flat in the face of real ministry outside the walls thereof.  But I realized how easy it is to view the means as an end very subconsciously.

If I say my end is life transformation (becoming more and more like Christ we’ll say), both mine and those I’m ministering to, that sounds nice.  But what happens is I lose sight of that end in the midst of comprising steps to get there.  So then my ends become having a quiet time, spending x # of minutes in prayer, being involved in this or that ministry.  And before I know it I’m doing all of these things and having 0 transformation.

I’ve made the end all of these tasks and have now been sapped of the excitement of the original end of being transformed. Frustration sets in as I recall this list of things I’ve done with no noticeable transformation.  I’ve hit just what I was aiming for though.  Unfortunately it was the wrong target.

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