Virtual Reality is Virtually Scary

Asia may be cornering the market on disturbing love stories (see previous blog post on man marrying his dead girlfriend).  Today’s story comes from Japan where a guy has fallen in love with a 2 dimensional, virtual character.  Here’s my favorite quote:  “the man fell in love with one of the virtual girls named Nene Anegasaki and decided to marry her and take her on a honeymoon to Guam. Since the girl doesn’t really exist, that meant he took his Nintendo DS to Guam.”  Link

Awesome.  This was a good reminder to me to not take Jenni’s actual existence for granted.  I don’t know whether to punch this guy in the face or weep for his unmet desire for relationship.

This seems to me to be a bigger part of a disturbing trend of no contact with people.  We see it in online churches which I find to be dangerous.  Can online community truly be community?  Perhaps, but it seems more to be just another avenue to put off relationships and live behind the screen.

I will be embarking on my first cruise tomorrow on which I’ll probably sing “I’m On A Boat” about 200 times.  Pray for Jenni and Kristen as they will undoubtedly be sick of that about 5 minutes in.


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