WordPress, Mountain Dew, and Missions

Those of you who know me will probably recognize that this is about the 50th blog I’ve started.  I’ll post on them for about 3 days and then either forget about them or get depressed when I realize no one is reading it. The other problem is that I’ve tried to set the bar a little high by thinking my blog would be actually instrumental in bringing about world peace or something on that level.  I’ve set the bar really low this time.  So without further ado…

1) WordPress is far superior to Blogger which is why I’m optimistic about this blog.

2) Caron Butler is now my favorite NBA player (he has no competition really) because of how he overcame his Mountain Dew addiction.  http://tinyurl.com/ykr3m4n

3) According to Albert Mohler, giving to missions, on a percentage basis is actually 4% less than it was during the Great Depression. From 6% to 2%.  Wealth increases and giving goes down.

Those are today’s random musings.  Please leave comments as I’ll need to be amused as I write my 25 page paper on Hebrews.



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3 responses to “WordPress, Mountain Dew, and Missions

  1. i want a pair of mountain dew pants to go with my own mountain dew addiction, please. = : ) and you’re right about wordpress. some day i’m going to stop bein’ so lazy and get me one too.

  2. When you get out of school and have a real job I expect you to give enough to single handedly raise that percentage about 3%

  3. Had I gone to Osteen Theological Seminary I may have been able to do that.

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