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Social Networking as Sanctifying Convictor

For today’s convicting nugget I reference a quote I read from John Piper 9 days ago which has stuck with me hauntingly as I check twitter, write blogs, write papers for seminary no less, and neglect prayer and time in the Word.

“One of the great uses of Twitter and Facebook will be to prove at the Last Day that prayerlessness was not from lack of time.”

Seems also that one of its uses will be to convict the snot out of me.


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Mike Leach’s Inadvertent Profound Quote

Bonus entry today in light of what I just saw from Mike Leach’s press conference on Monday.  Leach is the head football coach at Texas Tech and had come under some fire for referring to his football team’s “fat little girlfriends” on Saturday after their loss.  When asked if he had a response on Monday he responded by saying “fat little girlfriends” about 10 more times.

Anyway, in the midst of that he said, “Everyone wanted to win the game, but no one wanted to play the game.”  That struck me as quite deep when I look at my own Christian walk.  I want all the benefits of being in close fellowship with the Lord without desiring to do the things that lead to that.  Convicting.  Thanks Coach.

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Innocent by reason of girth, and a dose of encouragement

I am in the midst of the worst stretch of school stress that I can remember which means I need to laugh, and I need to be encouraged.  In that vain here are 2 nuggets of interest.

1) Man claims he couldn’t have murdered his son-in-law because he’s too fat.  Now that’s not that funny, but the fact that his name is ATES is.  That’s like someone named John Crazy pleading innocent by reason of insanity.  Link

2) We all need a word of encouragement from time to time and this blog post was a great one for me today.    Link

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WordPress, Mountain Dew, and Missions

Those of you who know me will probably recognize that this is about the 50th blog I’ve started.  I’ll post on them for about 3 days and then either forget about them or get depressed when I realize no one is reading it. The other problem is that I’ve tried to set the bar a little high by thinking my blog would be actually instrumental in bringing about world peace or something on that level.  I’ve set the bar really low this time.  So without further ado…

1) WordPress is far superior to Blogger which is why I’m optimistic about this blog.

2) Caron Butler is now my favorite NBA player (he has no competition really) because of how he overcame his Mountain Dew addiction.

3) According to Albert Mohler, giving to missions, on a percentage basis is actually 4% less than it was during the Great Depression. From 6% to 2%.  Wealth increases and giving goes down.

Those are today’s random musings.  Please leave comments as I’ll need to be amused as I write my 25 page paper on Hebrews.


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